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OceanFax Email Integration/

Fax and Email in One Interface
Seamlessly Integrate with Exchange, Lotus Notes & SMTP Server

Fax and Email Matter Together
Despite the advent of the internet and email, fax remains the cornerstone of business communications and billions faxes are sent and received annually, because as a secure and reliable alternative and complement to email, fax is legally binding, efficient and easy to use. In this circumstance, having OceanFax Fax Server is important for your business, because OceanFax Fax Server applies a proven technology (T.30 standard, robust, time-tested), is secure (tamper-resistant images), legally binding, universally accessible and accepted, as well as convenient and easy-to-use for using your existing email environment.

OceanFax Email Integration Solution
OceanFax Fax Server can integrate with SMTP mail server, to enable inbound and outbound faxing directly from mailbox, which delivers familiar and intuitive user interface reduces user training. In this way, users are allowed to manage both emails and faxes by single interface and input the fax recipients in “To” field according to the simple fax address format – fax number@fax.local.

Features & Benefits

For Network Users

  • Simple fax address format: fax number@fax.local
  • Custom fax domain


  • Organize, manage, forward and respond to your faxes exactly the same as mail messages
  • Familiar and intuitive user interface reduces user training
  • Single interface to manage both emails and faxes
  • Improved productivity
  • Reliable document delivery with confirmations
  • Document confidentiality and enhanced security
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency
For IT Administrators

  • No need to install connector in mail server
  • No modification required on your Exchange Schema or Lotus Notes Mail Template


  • Leveraging existing IT network infrastructure
  • Single point administration
  • AD User synchronization allows unified administration of both servers
  • Simplify the creation and maintenance of user records
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency between the servers
  • Lower system maintenance, support and training costs
  • Reduced document transmission costs
  • Proven reliability


The Success Stories of OceanFax Email Integration Solution

ICBC International Services Integrates OceanFax with MS Exchange to Enable Fax-by-Email, Replacing Fax Machine
Dah Sing Bank Integrates OceanFax with OceanFlow and Unit Trust Reporting to Streamline and Automate Business and Fax process for Increased Operational Efficiency
China Life Insurance Integrates OceanFax with Cisco Call Center to Streamline Business Flow
China Continent P&C Insurance Applied OceanFax for Fax Automation to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Cost
Allianz Insurance Replaces Old Fax Server with OceanFax
Hua Rong Financial Implements OceanFax Email Service
Eliminating Old Fax Server, KGI Hong Kong Chooses OceanFax to Improve Fax Automation, Leveraging Barcode Routing Feature and Seamlessly Integrating the Server with an IBM Host System & Active Form Lite for Polished Statements Generation
Attracted by Windows on the Web and Quick Search Features, CSX World Terminals Hong Kong Chooses OceanFax Fax Server to Replace Old for Better Fax Automation Performance and More Reliable Integration with SAP ERP System
A Key Hong Kong Government Department Replaces Old Fax Server with OceanFax Fax Server for Seamless Integration with Avaya Call Center
A Key Hong Kong Government Department Replaces Fax Service with OceanFax Fax Server to Improve Fax Automation Performance and Leverages Super User Feature for the Highest Fax Security
Wanxiang Resources Selects OceanFax Fax Server to Seamlessly Integrate with Ricoh MFP for Scan-to-Fax on MFP and Applies MFP & Swipe Card Integration Solution to Enable Login to MFP and OceanFax by Card
Highly Recommended by Ricoh China, Boeing Tianjin Integrates OceanFax Fax Server with OceanFlow Approval System to Streamline and Automate the Fax and Approval Processes, Replacing Fax Machine for Fax Automation
BDP China Selects OceanFax to Replace Old and Run in VM Environment
Modern Terminals Selects OceanFax Using VM Ware
Ricoh China Selects OceanFax for Internal Use and Showcases the Fax server in Live Office
OnePort Selects OceanFax for Broadcasting 3,000 Bills at One Time to Customers
SPX Suzhou Automates Fax Operation with OceanFax Exchange Integration through Fuji Xerox
Ruukki Shanghai Implements Exchange Email Integration with OceanFax
StarWorld Hotel Applies OceanFax for SAP Fax Automation
Travel Expert Integrates OceanFax with its Billing System for More Stable Performance, Replacing the Old Fax System
Kuoni Travel (China) Implements OceanFax for Travel Promotion
Li & Fung Applies OceanFax in VM Environment and Integrates It with Exchange Server 2010
ImagineX Replaces Old Fax Server with OceanFax
Deson Chooses OceanFax for DDI Direct Fax and Email Integration
Sino Administration Replaces Old fax Server with OceanFax
J. Walter Thompson Improves Fax Automation with OceanFax Fax Server