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OceanFax Advanced Enterprise Fax Server

Fax ServerSupport Active-Active & HotSync

OceanFax Advanced Enterprise Fax Server is designed for large and medium-sized enterprises those can share fax workload of multi-branch organization at different locations and multiple servers. OceanFax Advanced Enterprise Fax Server includes all capabilities of OceanFax Enterprise Fax Server and the additional capabilities such as Active-Active Cluster, HotSync, to ensures fax communication alive without incurring unnecessary costs in the event of any fax server hardware or software failures.

Features & Benefits
For Users

  • Network desktop Faxing and Email Integration: Send, receive and manage faxes directly from their desktop and email applications
  • Print to Fax: Converts a print stream from an application directly into a fax driver
  • Fax Broadcasting: Broadcast faxes to mass recipients at once so as to improve the working efficiency.
  • Scheduled Fax Delivery: Schedule the delivery time at the non-peak period so as to reduce the operation cost and ensure sending the fax during the recipient’s working hours in the different time zones
  • Super-User: Assign privileges for management level user to ensure their confidential fax cannot be seen by other user and to send fax with higher priority
  • Document Library: The frequently used fax documents can be stored in the document library to increase efficiency.
  • Phonebooks: The frequently used fax numbers and groups can be stored and managed in the phonebooks for easy retrieval
  • Self-defined Interface: Allows user to customize the interface style and add/remove column by column chooser
  • Multi-Language: Support Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English user interface
  • Search & Auto-Filter Function: Allows user to filter (Hide) rows of data based on criteria select from drop-down menus.
  • Mail Merge: Allows user to fax documents directly from a mail merge operation of the word processor
  • Fax Header: Enable user to customize the fax header information such as subject, fax number, company name, etc.
  • Unicode: It enables people to use OceanFax in any language
  • Real-time and Advanced Notifications: Notify user the fax status immediately by email and other notification methods for easy tracking and monitoring
  • The Least-cost Routing: Route outbound faxes between servers on the WAN or LAN intelligently to minimize the communication cost such as the long distance telephone charges
  • Active-Active Cluster: The OceanFax Fax Server cluster consists of multiple OceanFax Fax Server units. Each OceanFax Fax Server acts as an equivalent fax cluster member. In the event of any server hardware failures or other unpredictable interruptions, the remaining OceanFax Fax Servers in the cluster ensure an uninterrupted fax service.
  • HotSync: the fax server(s) processing the fax data synchronizes the data to the redundant fax server(s) every ten minutes. When the administrator redirects the fax processing to the redundant servers in case of any processing fax server cluster unit failure(s), the fax processing can continue.

For System Administrators:

  • Fax usage report for Audit Trail: Use built-in reporting tools to customize the fax usage report for cost control, billing or tracking purposes to meet different audit requirements
  • Archive Fax Documents: Save a copy of every inbound and outbound fax for audit trail purpose and to support regulatory compliance
  • Windows security authentication: Active directory synchronizes with the existing Windows Domain users account for system authentication
  • Dialing rules: Set dialing rules for individual user to restrict their fax sending, give precise control over outbound faxing.
  • Black List and White List: Build the black and white lists of fax number to block the unwanted faxes and prevent sending fax to any fax number which is registered in the OFTA’s Do-not-call Registers
  • Synchronization with Active Directory: Keep all critical data in the central location for easy administration
  • Advanced Administrative tools: Create, modify and manage user account, assign end-user login and password, user permission, coversheets and billing codes quickly and in a simple way
  • Email alerts: Email specified OceanFax event alerts to the administrator so as to shorten the response times and monitor all fax servers on the network
  • Inbound routing: Inbound fax documents can be routed to recipients through Dual-tone Multiple-frequency (DTMF), Direct Inward Dialing (DID), Caller Service Identification (CSID), Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and other supported inbound routing methods efficiently and securely
  • Extensible Fax channels: Depend on the client need, the channels and modules can be added
  • Backup Automatically: Offer automatic system backup without system suspension
  • Adjustable bandwidth: Control the fax traffic during the peak time by automatic channels adjustment
  • Load balancing: Direct the fax to the server with the most available lines to maximize the fax system performance