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OceanFax Unified Messaging Server

Fax, Email & SMS in One Server
A Breakthrough Concept of Document Delivery

The next generation OceanFax Unified Messaging Serverunites different types of business communications through fax, email and SMS integrated into one server which showcases a breakthrough concept of document delivery.

The Server supports automatically generating outbound faxes, emails and SMSes from and importing data to backend systems.


  • Unite fax, email & SMS into one server
  • Seamlessly integrate with backend systems including ERP, CRM, DM and workflow systems (e.g. Oracle, SAP & IBM)
  • Support various integration tools (API, web services, watch folder, command line & XML connector)
  • Automatically generate outbound faxes, emails & SMSes from backend systems
  • The document types include purchase orders, invoices, statements, application forms, and etc.
  • Support custom fields storing document information (e.g. customer ID, invoice no., PO no. & reference no.) for quick search
  • Preview and approve fax, email & SMS before sending
  • Two-way status updates
  • Auto Email & SMS notification
  • Auto document delivery report to user by email
  • Allow immediate and scheduled delivery